Reliable Babysitting Services

On Beautiful Catawba
Island, Ohio

Certified By The American Red Cross!

The Sassy Bojangles Babysitting Co.

We are Zoe Hines & Hannah Moore and we own and operate the Sassy Bojangles Babysitting Company on beautiful Catawba Island, Ohio. We live and play on the shores of Lake Erie and we know that when you are in town you'd like to have safe, reliable babysitters available.

We are both 15 years old, attend Port Clinton High School and we are proud to tell you we have been certified by the American Red Cross in Babysitting! We are local, reliable, affordable and we come with a number of references available upon request.

If you are a member of the Catawba Island Club, you'll be happy to know that we are also members and we have full access to the CIC grounds and activities. While we can not yet drive, our parents are most supportive of our business ventures and can usually make arrangements for us to report to your house, condo or even your boat for babysitting services!

 Hannah and Zoe often travel together which gives you the amazing opportunity to have not one but TWO babysitters for the price of one! Occasionally, of course, scheduling conflicts will result in just one of us being available. 


For your convenience, the Sassy Bojangles Babysitting Company accepts Credit cards!
All that is required is an available internet connection to process your payment.

Get In Touch With Us!

For Safety purposes, Neither Zoe nor Hannah's personal information is displayed. Please feel free to email us below to establish a relationship with your family. If this is an emergency and you need to arrange babysitting quickly, please feel free to contact one of our parents at: (419) 344-2595 or (207) 310-3772.

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